Our Founder

Tim originally hailed from a little town in west Texas called Anson. While in college, he began working in the restaurant business. He was part of the opening team for the first Houston's in 1977, and spent the next 13 years growing the company. In 1990 he came to Austin and took ownership of...


Owner, General Manager

I grew up in Virginia, but I got to Texas as fast as I could. Have been an Austin resident for over 30 years now, with most of them spent working at Bartlett’s.

I attended the University of Texas and along the way learned the art of bartending. It led me to working in restaurants where...


Owner, Executive Chef, Wine Director

It was my heart that brought me to Bartlett's. When I was 20, I left Iowa and moved to New Orleans. I knew no one and had no job prospects. For three years I absorbed the world class food, drink, culture, and diversity as only a Midwestern kid can. And then Austin beckoned.

I moved here in...